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Three members of the family, Ton (A.E. 1898-1977, orange branch), Cees (C.1925-1993, blue branch) and Peter (P.C. 1933, blue branch) have made themselves very meritorious by collecting and keeping together everything concerning the family. Next to organising family reunions and the creation of the family archives they were and are important for the family foundation.

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The Family Foundation was founded on 26 April 1977 by passing documents at notary Heuff's office in Arnhem. Article 2 of the Association states: "The objective of the foundation is bringing and keeping together everything in the broadest sense concerning the André de la Porte family. Belonging to the family are all those having the family name André de la Porte and those descending in a straight line of Joseph Dominique André de la Porte born in Hesdin on 5 October 1725 and passed away in Zutphen on 19 December 1811 and his spouse Gualthera Mechtelina Helena Knippenburg , to stimulate and strengthen the family ties and to support and assist family members and their spouses, who in the eyes of the Board need such".

Ton and Cees were the initiators of bringing together and completing the family archives and great supporters to officially file the archives. The latter happened on 8 April 1994 when the family archives were officially filed at the Municipal and Regional Archives Zutphen. It is a pity that after their passing away neither one could attend this important event. Chairman of the Family Foundation Norbert (1945, orange branch) handed over that day the stock taking of the family archives to Cees' widow Erna Kolff (1934-1998). The stock taking was a thesis written by Mrs. Anite op de Woerd.

It is sad that several important historical documents on the family were lost in time, especially documents on Merrem & la Porte and the Arnhemsche Verzekerings Maatschappij. In the second World War many documents were destroyed by the blow up of the vault of the Arnhemsche Verzekerings Maatschappij in the Weverstraat in Arnhem. Also as a result of a big fire at the central warehouse of Merrem & la Porte in Zaltbommel at the beginning of the ninety's of the last century many family items were lost. Finally the Board of Management file of the Arnhemsche Verzekerings Maatschappij disappeared after the take over by Delta Lloyd in Amsterdam.

   Board of the Family Foundation

Since the family reunion on 7 October 2000 in Zutphen the Board consists of:
Norbert ( N.J.D. 1945, orange branch) , chairman
Hans Willem ( H.W. 1960, blue branch) secretary
Johan ( J.H. 1969, blue branch) treasurer (replaced by Auk in 2003)
Peter ( P.C. 1933, blue branch) research
Pieter ( P. 1947 , blue branch) internet site

  The family archives in Zutphen

The André de la Porte archives are kept in the Municipal and Regional Archives Zutphen. The choice to file the family archives in Zutphen was made as this city was the first Dutch place of residence of Joseph Dominique , founder of the family in The Netherlands. At the Municipal and Regional Archives professional archivists are employed who handle the archives professionally and with great care. Documents are kept under the right conditions allowing them to remain in good condition. Cees (Cornelis 1925-1993) took the initiative for this stock taking and filing the family archives. The Municipal and Regional Archives Zutphen are located at the Spiegelstraat 15, 7201 KA in Zutphen.

Remember that archives, as dusty as it may sound to some people, are in fact an active "library". This means that all relevant family documentation, personal or business, old or more recent, should be kept in the archives. The Board of the family foundation calls on everyone to make a personal contribution to own history writing . As a result history remains complete and it can be prevented that gaps occur in certain periods of time. Additionally it is the only way to save original documents on our common history for future generations in good condition and keep them accessible. Our descendants will be grateful to us.

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Town: Zutphen; Storage nr. 21: inventry; size 4.75 m.

The family foundation maintains the this web site and intends to promote by the addition of pages that more information becomes known about related André 's , that knowledge is improved and that the ties between different members of the family are strengthened . The site is freshened up regularly and more information is added, resulting in more up to date information.




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