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The names as published in the edition Patriciaat VI, volume 1915/1963. "Patriciaat" is an publication of the Central Bureau of Genealogy in Holland about families who played an important role -over a period of more than 100 years - in the Netherlands. Our association added names and photos.
The Family as published in the DUTCH PATRICIAAT
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For generations several stories go around about the French descent , the origin of the family name in The Netherlands. In the past research has been conducted on parts of the history, such as the name and the presumed ties with prominent French families, but an integral research has not been carried out and written down. A book with "the complete story " was missing. That has changed now. Grateful use has been made of existing documents in the family archives and important new research has been added. Modern techniques have proved to be of great value. Information is often better and faster and more completely available than in the past. Consequently assumptions can be confirmed or put aside and missing pieces in the family puzzle may be discovered.

The end result is published on this site. It presents the picture of the origin of the family in France, the arrival of the "founder" Joseph Dominique in the city of Zutphen in The Netherlands, the launch of the name André de la Porte and the growing of the family in The Netherlands and outside. History writing of course never ends. Every day, every year new history is written which will add new chapters in future publications. Consequently it is important for all members of the family to record important events. The selected place for this is the family archives in Zutphen. Important things like decorations, (reproductions of) paintings, drawings, photographs , personal and company documents which are important for your own part of the history should be saved there. The archives are in the Municipal and Regional Archives Zutphen and can be visited (on appointment). The Board of the Family Association will be happy to assist.

The André de la Porte family has been in The Netherlands for some 250 years. Members have held prominent positions on various locations and moments in Dutch society. Especially a lot has been speculated about the origin of the name which has led to several interpretations. Since 2000 historical research has been conducted on this name to create clarity. Today it remains an assumption as no convincing evidence has yet been found. It can not be excluded however that new documents appear in the future which will fill the missing links. Should new information necessitate to complete the history or to rewrite it ,this will of course be done.

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