A number of members of the family received a Dutch Royal Honour in the Order of the Nederlandse Leeuw ( N.L.) and the Order of Oranje-Nassau ( O.N.). Once a Knighthood in the Order of the Eikenkroon ( E.K. , Luxemburg) and once Officer in the Kroonorde of Belgium were granted. Pieter Cornelis (1912-1947) was granted posthumously the Kruis van Verdienste and the Oorlogsherinneringskruis with the buckle War flights 1940-1945.

A number of family members were granted as retired military officers and reserve officers in the Dutch army the 'Honours for long service as an officer". In The Netherlands often called disrespectfully "Jenever kruis"( Dutch gin cross).

Orange branch
. Gilles (1862-1943) ; O.O.N.
. Anthony Engelbert (1898-1977): O.O.N.

Red branch
. Jan (1862-1929) : O.O.N.
. Gilles (1866-1950): R.N.L.
. Gilles Dirk Cornelis (1900-1995) :R.N.L.
. Gilles Robbert (1932) R.N.L.

White branch
. Daniel Constatin Marie (1873-1945): O.O.N.
  with Swords(military version)
. Daniel Constatin Marie (1900-1971): unknown    letter by Queen Wilhelmina

Blue branch
. Cornelis (1904-1974) : R.N.L. and O.K.
. Jozef (1869-1929) :O.O.N. and R.N.L.
. Johan Martin (1905-1966):O.O.N.
. Pieter Cornelis (1912-1944):
  Kruis van Verdienste and the Oorlogsherinneringskruis
  with the Buckle Warflights 1940-1945
. Charles Henri (1926) : R.O.N.
. Pieter Cornelis (1933) : O.O.N.
. Charles Arnout (1935): Chev.l'Ordre National du Mérite (Fr.)

Green branch
. Anthonie Engelbert (1804-1873): R.N.L, R.E.K (Luxemburg),
  Metalen Kruis 1830-1831 en een
  eervolle vermelding Legerorder d.d. 12-10-1831.
. Anthonie Engelbert (1905-1968): het Oorlogs-Herinneringskruis.

R.N.L.;  Ridder in the Orde van de Nederlandse Leeuw
O.O.N.: Officer in the Orde van Oranje-Nassau
R.O.N.; Ridder in the Orde van Oranje-Nassau
K.v.V. ; Kruis van Verdienste
O.K.   ; Officer in de Kroonorde ( Belgium)
R.E.K.; Ridder Eikenkroon (Luxemburg)


Through the years the large majority (about 70 percent) of the members of the André de la Porte family have been employed in trade, industry and banking and insurance. The other thirty percent of the professions and functions practised by André de la Porte's were extremely varied: vicars, psychologists, a pharmacist, a flight captain , architects, civil servants, functions in the judicature and barristers. Next there are four in the military force., one of them (Daniel Constatin Marie, 1873-1945) became deputy director of the Remonte. This was a now no longer existing unit which purchased horses and was responsible for their first training. Anthonie Engelbert (1804-1873) was officer in the military engineering. During his time as a teacher at the Royal Military Academy he played a leading role in developing the standardisation for topographical drawing for all arms.

Anthonie Engelbert and a topographical map

It is remarkable of the many functions and side activities there were only a few in politics and that only on a local ,never provincial or national level.




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